Welcome To The Kingdom (Reach Out 1001) 1978
















Low-tech jazzy keyboard rock from electric-piano guy and two others on bass and drums. Very sparse home-made sound, with the lack of guitars being especially noticeable. Those deficits are made up for by Powell’s energetic performance (including jamming keyboard solos) and the creative tempo/mood changes. You might even say there’s a mild “progressive” angle in here, particularly when a song like ‘Come Unto Me’ stretches out to seven minutes. Funky phasing effects on ‘The Roman Road’. Other cuts: ‘Bumper Sticker Religion’, ‘Promises, Promises’, ‘The Conviction Song’, ‘New Wine’, ‘Revelations’. No regular piano here – it’s all electric. Closes with a brief spoken personal challenge and sinners’ prayer from Bill. Recorded in Orlando, Florida. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

















Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Bumper sticker religion
1-2The Roman road
1-3Welcome to the kingdom
1-4Come unto me
1-5Sweet peace
2-1Promises promises
2-2The conviction song
2-3New wine
2-5A personal message