Trademark (no label NR4978) 1973?



From an artistic perspective most of these Youth For Christ bands seem to lack any real substance. Usually overly-cheery unison vocals doing bland covers of secular and Christian songs. Michigan’s Trademark has most of these shortcomings as well, but in their favor they’ve got an energetic mix of organ, percussion, and electric guitar (including some wah-wah and fuzz). Too bad about the vocals. Some power horns and a lengthy medley of Chicago songs. Some good song choices like JC Power Outlet’s ‘Too Bad’ (credited to “Ron Salsburg”), Love Song’s ‘Freedom’ (credited to “Chuck Garrad”) and The Way’s ‘Jesus Is All’ (credited to “Gary Arther”). The lp’s only original song ‘Learn Of Me’ is a nice ballad. Cool cover, too. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. I Can See Clearly
02. We Got to Live Together
03. Chicago Medley
04. Too Bad
05. Freedom
06. Learn of Me
07. Fool’s Wisdom
08. Jesus is All