Senovia (Emmanuel L.P. 3000)  1975?



This is one that is not in the Archivist, yet. This group is from the Whittier, CA area. Use of guitars electric and acoustic, bass guitar, harmonica, maracas, congas, tambourine, drums, & blocks. Not unlike Truth or Free Spirit this 16 member group does have some rather choral moments, but better that Truth or Free Spirit. Pop-rock numbers mixed with other genre. Some unison singing is spots but also many harmonies. The pop-rock upbeat numbers are ‘I Am The Resurrection’, ‘Salvation Song’,’Glory Land’, ‘New Creation’, ‘Children’, and ‘My Name is Peace’. Definitely makes you want to get up and dance. If you do not like choral music then give this one a try. A few Jazz moments were caught by this listener. A nice harmonica solo and a unique bass guitar and blocks duet. Several more folk style slower numbers including ‘Follow Me’ and ‘Christian Man’ Several FEL songs and several original numbers written in most part by members. Don’t blame me if you find yourself foot tapping. Dance unto the Lord. (Ozark Ken).




01. I Am The Resurrection
02. Follow Me
03. Salvation Song
04. Christian Man
05. Glory Land
06. New Creation
07. United By Love
08. Children
09. The Lord
10. My Name Is Peace