Walk Across The Water (FEL 652) 1976



Ron Griffen and his group Leaven are another fine example of the mid-’70s Catholic folk style. While several outfits followed the liturgical minor-key formula, these folks opted for the happier-sounding “Jesus folk” variety. They began with a sterile unison-singing buncha-guitars-and-a-trumpet “youth group” sound (see entry under The Leaven), but Walk Across The Water fixed all that, placing Griffen in the vocal spotlight, showcasing his own song-writing, trimming down the number of participants, and defining the arrangements with the usual FEL label care. Tunes like ‘Free To Live’, ‘Sing A Joyful Song’, ‘Come, Follow Me’, ‘Rise Up, Pilgrim’ and ‘I Thank The Lord’ all plunk along with the jubilant spirited sound of jangly 12-string guitar, banjo, flute, tambourine and female backing harmonies (i.e., Leaven). One can easily picture these hand-clappers working their way into the young adult folk-worship songbooks. Trumpets still pop up on a couple songs. Also some pleasant ballads including ‘Wings To Fly’ and ‘Today I Give My Life To You’. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Walk Across the Water3:55
1-2God's Love is You2:37
1-3Free to Live2:42
1-4Wings to Fly3:05
1-5Sing a Joyful Song2:58
2-1Come, Follow Me3:26
2-2Today I Give My Life to You2:35
2-3Sing to the Lord1:23
2-4Rise Up, Pilgrim2:23
2-5Sweet Mary1:25
2-6I Thank the Lord2:39