I Owe Everything (Kingsway KMR 318) 1980 UK *



This male/female folk/gospel outfit is probably a non-essential Kingsway release for most, especially with the tendency toward Dallas Holm songs (‘Hey I’m A Believer’, ‘Let My Light’, ‘Here We Are’, ‘Come Unto Jesus’). The low-key electric guitar vibe seems to help a bit, although if it weren’t for the closing ‘He Is Coming’ with its high-powered synthesizer action I probably wouldn’t even have listed it in here. Grand cover shot of the quintet in an antique Rolls Royce convertible. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01 – Hey I’m A Believer
02 – Dear Lord
03 – Let My Light
04 – The Healer
05 – Here We Are
06 – I Owe Everything
07 – Keep The Faith
08 – Empty Handed
09 – Come Unto Jesus
10 – It Won’t Be Long & He Is Coming