Abiding In Him (Trebor TPA-1001) 1977



Rob Pearsall and his fellow Californians deliver a pleasant simply-arranged friendly homemade blend of light, medium and heavy sounds, all more or less within that general category of west-coast melodic rural piano-and-guitar folkrock. Maybe a bit like Parable in that respect. The group’s quieter side focuses on piano ballads and solo acoustic songs, while diversions like the country rocking ‘Free In Jesus’ proudly plug in the guitar for a more aggressive edge. Attractive cover illustration of woodland brook setting seems befitting of the mood. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01 – Before We’re Done
02 – Walk In Him
03 – Doubts
04 – Believer’s Prayer
05 – O Child Of Mine
06 – Put On Love
07 – Grand Old Fishernan
08 – Jesus Only Jesus
09 – Free In Jesus
10 – Moments Last Forever
11 – Worthy