Pressed Down Shaken Together and Running Over (Almond Tree  20423)  1975?




Pressed Down Shaken Together & Running Over is Joe Fair, Paul Cuoco and Ralph Graham – three long-haired rocker dudes from The Way International. Their self-titled debut is an excellent independent release of melodic rural folk-rock ala Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Songs like ‘Winding Binding, Goodbye Waltz’, ‘Hey, Whatcha Been Doin’, ‘Blessed Day’ and ‘Bright And Morning Star’ all have progressive hippie folk-rock appeal, natural layered harmonies with a strong CSN bent, and a good balance of acoustic/electric guitar work alongside piano. Organ also works its way into a few cuts, including ‘The Blind Man’, ‘It’s Outside Of Your Mind’ and the heavy-rocking title track. Sometimes recalls the mellower side of Wilson McKinley. Paul Vergilio contributes electric guitar on ‘Christ Is Coming’ – he’s got a worthwhile lp of his own on the same label. Great cartoon cover of a happy sun shining down on trees. A second pressing exists on the WOW label from 1976 (WOW WPPD 104) with a different back cover. That version contains an additional track ‘Give A Listen’, but also shortens several of the others. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Winding Binding Goodbye Waltz3:36
1-2Hey Watch Been Doin'4:12
1-3Blessed Day4:09
1-4Bright And Morning Star4:38
1-5Children Of The Light2:12
2-1Pressed Down Shaken Together And Running Over5:02
2-2The Blind Man1:28
2-3It’s Outside Of Your Mind5:31
2-4Christ Is Coming5:34
2-5As Sure As The Wind Blows1:10



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