Star Of The Show (WOW WPPD 116) 1979




Though much of the edge from their debut is lacking here, Star Of The Show still manages to capture an appealing pop-flavored blend of country and heartlands rock. Overall a more refined generic “Christian rock” sound that often downplays the guitars in favor of emphasizing piano, vocal harmonies and sometimes saxophone. A couple songs with a ‘Short People’ kind of shuffle, another with a whiff of Sanford-Townsend. There seem to be more Way-isms filtering into the lyrics this time – lots of references to speaking in tongues, “holy spirit” in lower case, “I grow by leaps in bounds in the Way Corps”. A bit harder to find than the first one. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).










Song #Song TitleTime
1-1The Star of the Show2:35
1-2Body, Soul, and Spirit3:46
1-3Truly Glad2:59
1-4Like An Eagle5:14
1-5Let Your Light Shine3:10
2-1Attitude of Heart3:24
2-2Hand In Hand2:34
2-3All The Little Children4:08
2-4My Daddy Wrote Me A Letter2:58
2-5I Am A Leaf5:00



Can be found here.