Songs From The Savior Volume I (Redeemer RS-1002) 1972







Paul Clark - Songs 1 (Fnt)






Respected Jesus music pioneer Paul Clark began things on a very mellow note with the classic Songs From The Savior Vol. I. It’s a lovely simple expression well worth your time, mostly gentle melodic acoustic ballads (‘Thank You Lord’, ‘We’ll Soon Be Going Home’), some piano-accompanied (‘For Me And You’, ‘Song For Salvation’), most with light string orchestration (‘Looking Glass Incident’, ‘Make Me A Soldier Of Your Army’, the mysterious ‘Beware’). Use of electric is rare, save for the country-edged ‘It Is Free’ and the steel-guitar twanger ‘Sacred Cowboy’. The closing ‘It Was True’ is an immensely stirring ballad sung from the perspective of one left behind at Christ’s return. Clark’s vocals have an appealing fragile quality that’s well suited not only to his delicate songs, but also to the more dynamic selections wherein comparisons to Van Morrison are not out of line. Features Clark on acoustic guitar, with six others contributing piano, drums, bass, banjo, steel, electric guitar and additional acoustic guitar. Originally a 1000 press release on the custom Redeemer label out of Colorado, later picked up by Creative Sound (CSS 1568), and then again by Clark’s own Seed label (PSR-001). Both the Creative Sound and Seed releases feature different song order, as well as a modified version of the original cover (same photo but with a different color, lettering and border design). (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).






Paul Clark - Songs 1 (Bck)


Paul Clark - Songs 1 (Seed Bck)


Redeemer RS-1002 Rear Cover

Redeemer RS-1002 Rear Cover




Thank you Donald for the additional photos,. all three versions of the rear cover




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1The Looking Glass Incident
1-2For Me and for You
1-3Sacred Cowboy
1-4Make Me a Soldier of Your Army
2-1Song for Salvation
2-2In the Wilderness
2-3It Is Free
2-4Thank You Lord
2-5We'll Soon Be Going Home
2-6It Was True



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