Good To Be Home (Seed 1001) 1975



Clark brought all of his buds from Come Into His Presence (except for Burhart) back for another go-around on Good To Be Home, another inspiring Jesus rock classic if ever there was one. The Keaggy factor is even stronger here than on Presence – a fact you’ll notice right from the start since it’s Phil singing lead on the opening ‘Holding On To You’, a track he co-wrote with Clark. The near seven-minute ‘Unveiling’ also happens to contain some of Keaggy’s most artful guitar work on record, including both electric and acoustic passages within its shifting moods. ‘Which One Are You?’, based on the parable of the good Samaritan, is another strong hard-edged rocker with some formidable rhythm and lead guitar growls. ‘For The Children’, ‘It’s All Waiting’ and the smooth jazzy ‘Under His Grace’ are all respectable soft rock tracks. Also contains two of Clark’s finest ballads, the flute-embellished title track and the closing ‘Abide’. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01 – Holding on To You
02 – Which One Are You
03 – All Your Ways
04 – Unveiling
05 – For My Children
06 – Its All Waiting
07 – Good To Be Home
08 – Under His Grace
09 – Abide

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