Come Into His Presence (Sonrise Mercantile SMC 007) 1974





Paul Clark - Come (SMC Fnt)


Paul Clark - Come (MSB Fnt)

Paul Clark – Come (MSB Fnt)




For Come Into His Presence (subtitled Songs From The Savior Volume Three) Clark enlisted some Jesus rock heavyweights: Bill Speer on piano, Love Song members Jay Truax and John Mehler on bass and drums, Mike Burhart on guitar, banjo and mandolin, and not least of all the commanding presence of lead guitarist Phil Keaggy. The musical depth was often expanded to a fuller rock sound, including some of Clark’s heaviest moments (check out the classic rock vibe of title track or the Glass Harp-ish ‘He’ll Do The Same’, both enriched with stately organ and fulfilling Keaggy licks). In contrast are the acoustic ballad ‘Believe And Receive’ and the delicate ethereal folk/psych shimmer of ‘Latter Rain’. Steel guitar lays some strong country twang on ‘Gonna Let My Light Show’ (“yippie-yi-yo cay-yeh, I don’t care what they say”). Sparing use of strings this time – just on ‘Land Of Peace’ and the short opener ‘Listen Closely’. This album is rightly considered a Jesus music classic, as is its follow-up Good To Be Home. The original Sonrise Mercantile pressing is the one to get – it comes in a classy bright blue gate-fold cover made to resemble a door, plus there’s an inner lyric sleeve. Later re-issued on Myrrh (MSB-6715) in a drab single-slip cover with a gray clouds/lake photo. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).





Paul Clark - Come (In Lt)


Paul Clark - Come  (In Rt)


Paul Clark - Come (Bck)

Paul Clark - Come  (SMC Bck)



Paul Clark - Come (MSB Rear)

Paul Clark – Come (MSB Rear)




Thank you Donald for the rear and inside gate-fold photos.  Thank you Donald for the improved front cover and the rear cover of the second cover.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Listen Closely1:22
1-2Come Into His Presence5:33
1-3With You Forever3:07
1-4Latter Rain4:41
1-5Land Of Peace3:05
1-6He'll Do The Same4:28
2-1Gonna' Let My Light Shine2:352:58
2-2New Man's Song1:45
2-3Here By My Side2:56
2-4Song Of Love4:10
2-5Believe and Receive2:35



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