Change In The Wind (Seed PSR-007) 1978



Change In The Wind follows a pattern very similar to Hand To The Plow. Some great straight-ahead rockers, including the opening title track and ‘Me In You’. Robust brass backing and vibrant electric guitar leads spruce up ‘Ounce Of Prevention’, ‘He Wouldn’t Lie’ and ‘Come On’, once again leaving a few Steely Dan jazz-rock impressions. Lively saxophone and a hint of funky disco on ‘Are You Still With Us?’. ‘Encounter At Caneel Bay’ and ‘Come Back Home’ are effective piano ballads, while ‘Called My Name’ provides a soft-jazz mood ala Kenny G. Harlan Rogers and Hadley Hockensmith return, while Bill Maxwell joins on drums. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01 – Change in the Wind
02 – Ounce of Prevention
03 – He Wouldn’t Lie
04 – Me in You
05 – Change in the Wind Reprise
06 – Come on
07 – Called My Name
08 – Are You Still with Us
09 – Encounter at Caneel Bay
10 – Come Back Home

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