Songs From The Savior Volume II (Sonrise Mercantile SMC 001) 1973







Paul Clark - Songs 2 (Sd Fnt)


Paul Clark - Songs (2 Fnt)






Volume II picked up on the rural theme with a heavier approach that sounds more like a full band, including folk-rock moves that are reminiscent of Van Morrison and Neil Young. The new rock direction is evident right from the start with the opening ‘You Must Be Born Again’ and ‘Don’t Judge Your Brother By His Face’, the latter sounding like a lost Neil Young track. Similar realms for ‘Jesus Is The Great Shepherd’ which features some nice echoed electric guitar leads. Steel guitar brings country edges to ‘Take All Of Me’ and ‘Song Of Joshua’. A dash of acid guitar and reverse edit psychedelia is a pleasant surprise on ‘Behold The Messiah’. The ballads sparkle with rich string orchestration and better production, including ‘One With You’, ‘Perfectly Complete’, ‘Lord I’m Coming In’ and the wedding standard ‘Let Us Climb The Hill Together’ where Paul’s wife Sharon joins on backing vocals. Bill Speer appears on piano and organ. The original Sonrise Mercantile release comes in an attractive fold-out cover with a die-cut window revealing the eyes of Jesus. Also includes an insert with commentary on each song. Later re-issued on Seed (PSR-002). (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).







Paul Clark - Songs 2 (Sd Bck)





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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1You Must Be Born Again4:00
1-2Don't Judge Your Brother by His Face3:10
1-3Take All of Me2:52
1-4One with You3:01
1-5Behold the Messiah0:55
1-6Perfectly Complete4:45
2-1Song of Joshua3:51
2-2Jesus Is the Great Shepherd3:10
2-3Lord I'm Coming In3:37
2-4Are You Serving The Lord3:18
2-5Let Us Climb The Hill Together3:49



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