Patmos: A Message To Mankind (Creative Sound CSS 584) 1974



Two-lp private-press conceptual musical drama that provides a contemporary tour-in-song through the book of Revelation. Sort of a blend of modern-day classical and avant garde, with slight rock, pop and Superstar/Godspell influences – not unlike some of the early productions on the Avant Garde, Fortress and Concordia labels. This is apparently a studio recording, although it has more the feel of a live local performance. Lots of spoken portions with musical backing, especially deep booming proclamations overtop rumbling tympani. Vocals trade off between a male/female ensemble (somewhat squashed in the mix) and solo singers. No guitars for the most part, but lots of keyboards (organ, harpsichord, synthesizer) that sometimes provide a trippy or spacey edge (at one point I thought my pager was going off). Also percussion, woodwinds and brass (but no strings). There’s a slow raucous party-down piece of nightclub jazz with fuzz guitar over on side three, later followed by some intense screams from the lake of fire. Written and performed by a group of El Paso folks, recorded in quadraphonic sound. An interesting work that rests comfortably beside albums like Meet God, Man!, Crosscurrent Community, For Mature Adults Only, 20th Century’s A Folk Mass, etc. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)



01 – Track 1
02 – Track 2
03 – Track 3
04 – Track 4

01. I Saw Jesus
02. Admonishing The Churches
03. Holy, Holy, Holy
04. Worthy Art Thou
05. Worthy Art Thou To Take The Scroll
06. O Sovereign Lord
07. Run Sinner Man
08. Shelter Of His Arms
09. Song Of The Witnesses
10. There’s Nothing I Won’t Do For You
11. Song Of Moses
12. It’s So Easy
13. The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb
14. 1000-Year Reign
15. Satan’s Judgment
16. Song Of Judgment
17. New Jerusalem
18. Benediction

Written and preformed by an El Paso, TX group.

This is a two record set, the recording to digital was done by side of the record as the songs ran together, there would be 4 sides, thus 4 tracks. Songs as listed on the cover.