Listen To The Man (FourMost FM 7115CS) 1971
















Mellow folk trio (two guys, one gal) aided by periodic light electric guitar and organ. Decent in an innocuous way. Includes covers of ‘Sweet, Sweet Song Of Salvation’, ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ and Free Design’s ‘The Proper Ornaments’. The acoustic ballad ‘The Smelting Pot’ has a touch of psychy organ in the background. ‘Song Of Uninvolvement’ opens with a collage of spoken bits (e.g., “sure it’s a lousy war, but who am I to speak against it?”) Other original titles are ‘Loving Is Forever’, ‘We Want To Change The World’ and ‘Listen To The Man’ (the latter with verses about the man who lives at 666 Shifting Sand Road and the one who lives at 5252 Solid Rock Avenue). No strings, horns or Larry Mayfield Orchestra on this one. Members are Finis Fator and Bob and Jane Henley. Bob and Jane had some subsequent albums as a duo. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).








New World - Listen (Bck)








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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Peace And Love
1-2The Proper Ornaments
1-3The Smelting Pot
1-4Song Of Uninvolvement
1-5We Want To Change The World
2-1Heed The Call
2-2Loving Is Forever
2-3Sweet, Sweet Song Of Salvation
2-4Bridge Over Troubled Waters
2-5Listen To The Man