Not By Might (Voice In The Wilderness) 1984



A special thank you to Tom for sharing this. He included this in his Email: Kevin Mattson was a performer around the Midwest in the late 70’s to early 80’s. I saw him at church, a youth convention or two, and at an early festival. He never put anything on vinyl that I know of but did record cassettes of his performances and then these 2 linked below before I lost touch with him for about 35 years or so. He’s in So. Cal. and has granted his permission to share if you’d like; provided that everyone knows the songs are from his “callow youth”.



01 – Not By Might
02 – The Promise
03 – Psalm 139
04 – I Praise You Now
05 – O’ Jesus (a backslider’s prayer)
06 – With You Always
07 – I Gave It Up
08 – Happy Birthday
09 – The Visitor
10 – Satan and His Toys
11 – Drink Please