A Piece Of Sonlight (Songs Of Sharon SLPS-1049) 1976?



Primo collection of ten original songs from a young Georgia female folksinger who’s penetrating vocals are reminiscent of Marj Snyder. Wholesome pastoral air featuring crisp mid-tempo rhythms softly carried along by acoustic guitar, bass and drums, plus periodic flute, piano, harmonica and banjo. Some nice acoustic guitar leads as well. Very moving songwriting on titles like ‘Lay Your Troubles On Me’, ‘Searching’, ‘You Called Me By Name’, ‘Shadows Of My Mind’, ‘Where Are You Heading?’, ‘Full Control’ and ‘We Can All Be Brothers And Sisters’. Everything blends to make this a more or less perfect album. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Piece of Sonlight
02. Once in my Life
03. Lay Your Trouble On Me
04. Searching
05. You Called Me By Name
06. Shadows Of My Mind
07. Where Are You Heading
08. Full Control
09. We Can All Be Brothers and Sisters
10. Listen to the Music