Long Way Home (Alba House RAH511) 1974



The roster of Catholic folk artists would seem to be endless. Like FEL, World Library and NALR, the obscure Alba House label had its share of entries in this always welcome genre. Society Of Jesus member Frank Hillebrand is right in step with his simple warm melodic style that has flashes of The Group and Ray Repp. The liner notes call it “a unique mixture of Gordon Lightfoot and Old Testament Psalmody”. Actually a group of four (three guys and one lady), harmonies backed by a pair of gracefully picked acoustic guitars, plus bass. Fourteen songs, all but one based on the Psalms. Pleasant. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01 – Psalm 126; Long Way Home
02 – Psalm 63; Land Without Water
03 – Psalm 121; I Lift My Eyes To The Mountains
04 – Psalm 137; Streams Of Babylon
05 – Vow Song
06 – Psalm 4; Give Me An Answer
07 – Psalm 136; His Love Is Lasting
08 – Psalm 128; Keep Alive
09 – Psalm 127; Poor Builder
10 – Psalm 103; Monsoon Rain
11 – Psalm 23; My Shepherd Is The Lord
12 – Psalm 72; Sheaves Of Peace
13 – Psalm 131; Enormous Dreams
14 – Psalm 42 & 43; Face To Face