On Fire! (Lamb & Lion LL-1018) 1975




Three Australian guys with a lively pop-rock sound bulging with horns and power harmonies, coming across as a busier more commercial Malcolm and Alwyn. Some Beatlesque strings, fuzz, wah-wah – they even cash in on their Down Under status by pulling out a didgeridoo on Godspell’s ‘Light Of The World’! Things can sometimes get lost in the clutter, however. Thankfully there are times when they pare things down some – that’s when The Family Tree sounds their best. Includes covers of Parchment’s ‘Light Up The Fire’ and Love Song’s ‘Since I Opened Up The Door’. Gotta admit they’ve got spunk. Some catchy stuff, too. I believe it was Harmony magazine that thought they sounded like The Osmonds? (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



Thank you Ken for the front cover photo. Thank you Discogs for the label photos and the track list.



01 – Hallelujah Day
02 – He Looks Into Your Eyes
03 – Light Up The Fire
04 – Now I’m Free
05 – Love From A Man
06 – Book Of Love
07 – Since I Opened Up The Door
08 – The Day
09 – Jesus, The Son Of Man
10 – Light Of The World
11 – Put Your Feet Where They Won’t Get Stood On
12 – Too Late Tomorrow