On Fire! (Lamb & Lion LL-1018) 1975



Three Australian guys with a lively poprock sound bulging with horns and power harmonies, coming across as a busier more commercial Malcolm and Alwyn. Some Beatlesque strings, fuzz, wah-wah – they even cash in on their Down Under status by pulling out a didgeridoo on Godspell’s ‘Light Of The World’! Things can sometimes get lost in the clutter, however. Thankfully there are times when they pare things down some – that’s when The Family Tree sounds their best. Includes covers of Parchment’s ‘Light Up The Fire’ and Love Song’s ‘Since I Opened Up The Door’. Gotta admit they’ve got spunk. Some catchy stuff, too. I believe it was Harmony magazine that thought they sounded like The Osmonds? (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01 – Hallelujah Day
02 – He Looks Into Your Eyes
03 – Light Up The Fire
04 – Now I’m Free
05 – Love From A Man
06 – Book Of Love
07 – Since I Opened Up The Door
08 – The Day
09 – Jesus, The Son Of Man
10 – Light Of The World
11 – Put Your Feet Where They Won’t Get Stood On
12 – Too Late Tomorrow