Rock ‘N’ Roll Mass (EP) (Flair 810F-6442) 1966



If ever there were an excuse to start up a section on 7″ EPs these guys are it. Fresh with the enthusiasm of garage bands like Standells and the Shadows Of Knight, the Exceptions strut through five original highly charged interpretations of ‘Lord, Have Mercy’, ‘Glory To God’, ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’, ‘Our Father’ and ‘Lamb Of God’. Electric guitar and heavy organ sure sound straight outta 1966, begging for inclusion on a Nuggets complication. Members include guitarist James Vincent and a young Peter Cetera on bass! Was distributed through the FEL catalog where it was described as “controversial hard rock”. Includes pic sleeve. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)

I had this one in my Que to post, but see it came up on FlipsideMN’s blog, but I have added it here as Ken’s review may be of interest to some. James Vincent also has 2 solo Christian albums listed in The Archivist. There is also a CD of the rest of the Exceptions songs most of which appear to be of a more secular nature.

Love those boots. A special thanks to Chris and Ed for the cover photos.   diakoneo


01 – Holy Holy Holy
02 – Our Father
03 – Lamb Of God
04 – Lord Have Mercy
05 – Glory To God

Download here, or here.

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