Daniel Amos (Maranatha HS-777-24) 1976


















“That country album” is what this record is usually referred to as by fans of what would eventually become Christian music’s most celebrated “alternative” band of the ‘80s and ‘90s. Hard to believe it’s the same guys, but the original line-up of Terry Taylor, Jerry Chamberlain, Marty Dieckmeyer and Steve Baxter were on the Maranatha label where good-ol’ cowboy sounds ruled. A versatile bunch even then, sampling such moods as slow piano/steel-guitar country gospel (‘Jesus Is Jehovah To Me’, a poke at Jehovah’s Witnesses), swingin’ boogie (‘Abidin’), soft rock (‘Don’t Light Your Own Fire’) and ballads (‘Walking On The Water’). A touch of The Eagles can be found cruising along within mellow tracks like ‘The Bible’ and ‘Losers And Winners’. Those creative vocal harmonies bring a wholesome soothing quality to their music. Harmless, pleasant, listenable, and better than most. Lines like “Oh my! You’ll fry as we wave goodbye to you” (from the novelty ‘Skeptic’s Song’, credited to Dan Amos and The Maranatha Mood Makers) foreshadowed the zaniness that was to come. Fold-out cover. See also Maranatha 5. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)

Daniel Amos wasn’t afraid to tackle some hard issues, like witnessing to Jehvoah’s Witnesses, in Jesus is ‘Jehovah To Me’ The biggest error in Jehovah Witness teaching is that Jesus was just a good man, a prophet or teacher. He was a man, but He was more, He was also fully God. Also in the song ‘William’ they address the cruelty that we are capable of even as children with the teasing and abusive remarks we make to others. It is not just children, we as adults also can be cruel to each other. The song addresses the desire to make things right with others. ‘Skeptics Song’ is a wonderful satire of the skeptics philosophy. The man’s wisdom is foolishness to God. God’s wisdom is so much higher than man’s wisdom.  diakoneo


















Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Jesus Is Jehovah To Me3:18
1-2The Bible4:20
1-5Servant’s Prayer0:47
1-6Don’t Light Your Own Fire4:28
2-1Losers And Winners3:52
2-2Walking On The Water4:38
2-3Ridin’ Along2:10
2-4Dusty Road3:25
2-5Love In A Yielded Heart2:34
2-6Skeptics Song2:22

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