All Things Are Possible (Lamb & Lion LL-1040) 1978



Formerly one third of the group America, Dan Peek stepped into the ccm scene with this Chris Christian-produced solo lp. If like me you’re a fan of America’s early-to-mid-‘70s “classic” period, then you’re bound to be a bit disappointed here as there are no hippie vibes, no horse with no name, no soapsud green like bubbles. Typical Chris Christian stuff, smooth with strings, sax, etc., smarmy here and there, but still a fairly catchy pop-rock record that transcends most ccm. Occasional glimmers of his old group surfacing on ‘Love Was Just Another Word’, ‘You’re My Savior’ and the banjo-backed ‘Hometown’. Rocks fairly decently on ‘One Way’. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)



01 – All Things Are Possible
02 – Divine Lady
03 – Love Was Just Another Word
04 – He’s All That’s Right
05 – One Way
06 – Ready For Love
07 – Lighthouse
08 – Forgive Me, Forgive You
09 – Hometown
10 – You’re My Savior
11 – I Have To Say Goodbye

Can be purchased here along with several other albums.

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