Time And Time Again (HMS CS8255) 1979



Good rural acoustic/electric rock custom from Pennsylvania trio of Ken Kipp, Durand Robinson, and Chris Davis. Numerous excellent Keaggy-inspired electric guitar leads gracing their original compositions, with simple arrangements that at times recall Keaggy’s What A Day. Some skillful acoustic guitar soloing as well. Songs hover between a rural electric folkrock, country rock and jangly 12-string acoustic rock sound. Titles are ‘The Judge’, ‘Habakkuk’s Song’, ‘Colorado Song’, ‘Midnight Dream’, ‘Prelude/Come Unto Me’, the title track and ‘For Those Who Believe’, the latter a mysterious shimmering track with attractive flute accompaniment. Outside of that, it’s usually just guitars, bass and drums – no keyboards or other additives. Sometimes also reminds me of Trinity’s Jesus When The Sun Goes Down. Davis went on to play with the group Glad. 1500 made. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01 – The Judge
02 – Habakkuk’s Song
03 – Colorado Song
04 – Midnight Dream
05 – Prelude
06 – Come Unto Me
07 – For Those Who Believe
08 – Time And Time Again