Portrait of Woman (Mandala LPS1001) 1970 ?



Although lacking the satire and psychy electric touches that distinguished Portrait Of Man, Portrait Of Woman still stands as a commendable folk/acoustic album. Vocal contributions on side one are made by four generations of women in Backman’s family, includes his 4-month old daughter cooing through ‘Louanna’s lullaby’. ‘Ginny’s Song’ is a beautiful haunting ballad written by his wife and featuring his sister on vocals, while the priceless down-home twangy ‘Country Music Mother’ puts his mom in the spotlight, her natural ‘real people’ singing making mention of smoking grass, the protest movement, the pill, naked actors, sex and smog (the back cover says she’s ‘overcoming the generation gap’). Even his grandmother gets a cameo, opening the kazoo-backed ‘Good Old Days’ with a verse from a Swedish hymn. Side two highlights women of the bible including ‘Lot’s Wife’, ‘Song Of Miriam’, ‘Martha And Mary’ and ‘Magdalene’. Several of these songs have an ethereal student choir in the background adding to the mood, including ‘Justice, Mercy, Walk’, ‘Hope For All Seasons’ and ‘West Of Nod’. Once again I’m reminded of John Fischer’s acoustic side back in the F.E.L. days. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)


01 Portrait Of Woman
02 Louanna’s Lullaby
03 Ginny’s Song
04 Country Music Mother
05 Good Old Days
06 Justice, Mercy, Walk
07 Hope For All Seasons
08 West Of Nod
09 Lot’s Wife
10 Song Of Miriam
11 Martha & Mary
12 Magdalene