Warrior (Joyeuse Garde/Star Song  JGR-001/SSR-0004) 1980










Spectacular art rock from Houston, Texas band featuring Kemper and Bekah Crabb. Last we had heard from them they were known as ‘Redemption’ having recorded some fine folk-rock music (which appeared on Hill Country Faith Festival 74, Gospel Ship 2, and their ultra-rare custom LP Look Up. By 1980, though their artistic vision had grown a hundred-fold with this album of what they termed ‘apocalyptic rock’. The striking cover art as well as the music is full of imagery of Tolkien, wizards, dragons, castles and winged ships. An incredible variety of instruments were employed including numerous synthesizers and guitars, dulcimer, psaltery, bagpipes, recorder and many others (37 in all!), all described on the elaborate fold-out insert that’s bordered with runic letters. Titles like ‘March Of The Ents’, Elohim Considers Antedeluvia’ (which is Bach’s ‘Toccata & Frugue in D Minor’ played on electric guitar!), ‘The Nephilim Disembodied’, and ‘Beastis Ex Machina’ are anything but trite.  Heavy at times (‘Morning’s Anthem’) but mostly moody and melodic, often with a renaissance or medieval quality to it (such as ‘Praises In The Old Tongue’ where Bekah sings ‘Caedmon’s Hymn’ in old Anglo-Saxon backed by recorder and lute). Album sides are subtitled “Wind Face and “Fire Face”. Produced by Jimmy Hotz who has his own equally killer prog album Beyond The Crystal Sea. Creativity par excellence. Small-press CD re-issue around 1992, then again by Millennium 8 in 2000 with live versions of ‘Realization’ and ‘Warrior’ as bonus tracks. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).





Arkangel - Warrior (In 1)


Arkangel - Warrior (In 2)


Arkangel - Warrior (In 3)

Arkangel - Warrior (In 4)


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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1A Pang Lingua Certaminis
1-1CMarch Of The Ents
1-2Dwelling Place4:33
1-3Paradox (Disciple’s Song)3:22
1-5Greater Love3:15
1-6Praises In The Old Tongue1:25
2-1Ex Nihilo2:01
2-2Morning’s Anthem4:53
2-3AElohim Considers Antedeluvia0:56
2-3BThe Nephilim Disembodied0:58
2-4ABeastia Ex Machina
2-4BTo A Sleeping Infidel0:41
2-5Morning’s Anthem (Reprise)
1Realization (live)
2Warrior (live)



Can be purchased here with Kemper’s other works. Also more on Kemper Crabb and his career.