Poiema (Humble Beginnings HBM 101112) 1976



Selecting their group name from the Greek word for “handiwork” in Ephesians 2:10, this California male trio crafted a welcome soft melodic rural style similar to The Way. Of course the fact that The Way’s Bruce Herring provided production and technical assistance certainly doesn’t hurt, nor does the presence of Bethlehem’s Dominic Franco on pedal steel and popular sideman Alex MacDougall on percussion. Indeed Poiema would have made a fine addition to the Maranatha catalog. Good balance of both electric country rock and gentle acoustic numbers. ‘Give The Key Away’, ‘Southern California’, ‘Lukewarm’, ‘Little Flock’, ‘You Are A Gift’, twelve selections in all with each of the members participating in the songwriting. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)


Song #Song TitleTime
01Give The Key Away3:44
02Southern California3:27
03Little Flock3:34
04What Have They Done3:48
06Wait Up Jesus2:42
07You Are A Gift3:37
10Only Your Voice3:44
11Create In Me3:08
12Take Time3:51