Petra (Myrrh MST-6527) 1974








I’ll admit to not being the greatest of Petra fans – I lose interest somewhere in the middle of album number three. But long before the high-tech sound, “bold new frontiers”, and flying spaceship guitars, Bob Hartman, Greg Hough, Bill Glover and John DeGroff were cranking out solid guitar-driven rural rock-n-roll with loads of lengthy rip-snortin’ electric leads. Had this been a private pressing from an unknown band you can bet collectors would be coughin’ up major bucks to nab a copy. Seriously, tracks like ‘Walkin’ In The Light’, ‘Wake Up’, ‘Get Back To The Bible’, ‘Gonna Fly Away’, ‘I’m Not Ashamed’ and ‘Storm Comin’ all cook along as good as Joshua or Wilson McKinley’s Heaven’s Gonna Be A Blast. Also contains their classic slow blues rocker ‘Back Sliding Blues’. Only a couple minor clunkers, the hillbilly bluegrass diversion ‘Lucas McGraw’ being perhaps the most oft-cited irritant. Hartman’s lead vocals are another weak point; he’s definitely no Greg Volz in the vocal department (Volz joined on the second lp), but given the rawness of the music and the lack of polish, it’s only a small detraction. Back cover states “Petra is… Rock – massive – with spiritual overtones”. Agreed. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).





Petra - Petra (Bck)





Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Wake Up3:40
1-2Get Back To The Bible2:21
1-3Gonna Fly Away4:55
1-4Storm Comin’4:30
1-5Parting Thought1:31
2-1Walkin’ In The Light3:16
2-2Mountains And Valleys2:48
2-3Lucas Mcgraw3:23
2-4Backslidin’ Blues4:30
2-5I’m Not Ashamed3:02



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