Come And Join Us (Myrrh MSB-6582) 1977








More loud hard-drivin’ Jesus rock, similar in style to the first lp, with a slight advance toward rural-edged classic rock. Greg Volz makes his first appearance in the group by exercising his impressive set of pipes on ‘Woman Don’t You Know’ and a cover of the Argent anthem ‘God Gave Rock & Roll To You’. ‘Holy Ghost Power’ whips up a funky energetic groove, while ‘Sally’ snarls along at a slower pace to tell the story of a back-slidden sister. The title track, ‘Where Can I Go’ and ‘Without Him’ are all sturdy rockers that bristle with excitement. Good guitar licks throughout, plus a big drum solo on the aforementioned ‘Woman Don’t You Know’. Only one ballad, the invitational concert-closer ‘Ask Him In’. This hunk of plastic (along with the second JC Power Outlet lp) provided good riffs through my college years, filling the void of discarded Kiss and Blue Oyster Cult albums. Resurrection Band’s Colours came later and blew them away, but as I listen to this one years later, it still has an appealing low-budget raw feel to it, with no hints of the polished commercial sound that was to come later. Additional vocals provided by Steve Camp and Austin Roberts, the latter having also produced the album. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).





Petra - Come (Bck)





Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1God Gave Rock and Roll To You5:35
1-2Ask Him In3:30
1-4Without You I Would Surely Die4:27
2-1Come and Join Us4:39
2-2Where Can I Go3:51
2-3Holy Ghost Power2:26
2-4Woman Don't You Know3:39
2-5God Gave Rock and Roll To You (Reprise)2:48


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