Maranatha Band (MBS-101) 1980



Nine-member guy/gal light-rocking Kansas outfit doing workable versions of other ccm groups’ songs. The usual instruments plus piano, flute and femme vocals are wrapped around selections from Fireworks (‘Don’t Look Back’), Pat Terry (‘He Has Chosen Me For You’), 2nd Chapter Of Acts (‘Mansion Builder’), Lamb (‘Night Is Far Spent’) and Larry Norman (‘I Am Your Servant’). An upbeat disco groove is manufactured for ‘With Every Breath I Take’. Members Paul and Brian are referred to as the “fuzz brothers’, so named I’m guessing for the fuzz guitar they contribute to a couple tracks. They get a chance to cut loose and strut their stuff on ‘Cossack Song’, one of Love Song’s more hard-rocking numbers. Also a decent riff on Buryl Red’s ‘He Is Alive’, which even slips in a drum solo. Little things like that help lift Maranatha Band above the usual cover-band blahs. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. He is Alive
02. Don’t Look Back
03. He Has Chosen You For Me
04. Cossack Song
05. With Every Breath I Take
06. I’m Gonna Rise
07. For Ronnie
08. Mansion Builder
09. Night is Far Spent
10. I Am Your Servant