Time To Take Account (Myrrh MYR 1003) 1973
















This was requested by a reader.

A Special thank you to Dennis and Dave for cover art on this album.  Thank you Laura for the song times.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Come Let Us Reason Together 3:07
1-2Somebody Told Me 5:07
1-3Water Into Wine 4:51
1-4God Speaking To You 2:11
1-5I Wish We'd All Been Ready 2:25
1-6Butterflies And Skies 3:21
2-1Time To Take Account 4:29
2-2Not Of Dreams (Jesus Christ Son Of God) 4:29
2-3Lord And Father 3:37
2-4Another World 2:55
2-5I Am The Way 4:13
2-6Down To Earth 4:15