Cursillo ’79 (no label, 4444-D) 1979



These are all privately released records featuring the folk music of a Cursillo, a three day ecumenical Catholic retreat. Cursillo ’71 sounds more or less like a crowd of people gathered in an auditorium and is worthwhile only for the cool cover and to complete the set. With Cursillo ’75 arrived more individual and small group performances backed by guitar, banjo, bass, and drums for a mix of ’60s hootenany style and Catholic folk sounds. Lots and lots of cover songs like ‘Dem Bones’, ‘I know Where I’m Going’, ‘God Unlimited’, ‘Down By The Riverside’, ‘Put Your Hand In The Hand’, and on and on. Cursillo ’79 is similar in style while adding several original songs. ‘De Colores’ appears to be the theme song for these events as it’s the closing track on each album. From Saint Benedict Center in San Francisco. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)




01 – Holy, Holy, Holy
02 – Jesus My Lord
03 – Say Good Morning To God
04 – Amazing Grace
05 – Acclamation
06 – Give Your Friend A Smile
07 – I Am The Light Of The World
08 – Sing Halleluia
09 – Special People
10 – My Greatest Reward
11 – Spread Your Wings
12 – Las Mananitas
13 – A Very Special Day – De Colores