Tranquility (Chrism R-7801) 1977



The four-man outfit Tranquility bears minor resemblance to Bread, but with the mellowness factor cubed. I don’t mind for the most part as the songwriting is decent and the lead singer has a stirring David Gates quality, but sheesh, a couple of these songs may as well be Mantovani or the 101 Strings. Mostly slow ballads in a richly orchestrated acoustic MOR Bread/‘If’’ format. ‘A Risk I’ll Have To Take’ breaks the mold for a catchy upbeat folk/pop number. Most songs written by guitarist and lead singer Dan Holder who also has an earlier custom solo album. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)


01 – It’s Only Me
02 – I Need You
03 – My Child, My Child
04 – Help Me Write the Song
05 – Precious Lord, Take My Hand
06 – Like A Flower
07 – Love Will Be the Answer
08 – A Risk I’ll Have to Take
09 – All I Heard Was Me
10 – Believing