Good, Good! (St. Francis SFPC-4) 1969



Same line-up as Genesis Too but with better results – more Sebastian, more Sarah, less Jimmy Owens singers, less F Troop. Folk style again but with a snappier beat and some nice crisp twangy jazz-influenced lead guitar. Another round of Genesis stories. The Tower of Babel tune (‘Babble Babel’) moves! (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)




1-1.good good
1-2.eastward in eden
1-3.forbidden fruit sons Abel and Cain
1-5.pitter patter yellow blue purple and green
1-7.babble babel
2-1.I’ll fashion a people
2-2.sons of Sarah
2-3.fifty just men Sodom town
2-5.Abraham sent them away
2-6.and Abraham cried