Genesis Too (St. Francis SFPC-5) 1969



Temple is a South African folksinger with numerous albums under his belt. This conceptual work (arranged and directed by Jimmy Owens) relates several Genesis stories in song, specifically those of Jacob and his sons. Mostly lighthearted easy folk pop that your mom might like, a few songs with a batch of male singers that always sound on the brink of the theme from F Troop. Much better when sung lead by Temple or carried by the solemn vocals of Sarah Hershberg, which fortunately is most of the time. Small narration bits between the music. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)

A special thank you to Ozark Ken for the music.



1-1.sons of Jacob gentle one wild
1-3.Jacobs ladder
1-4.and Rachel loved him
1-5.the wrestlers
1-6.coat of many colors
1-7.the strangest dream
1-8.quick quick
1-9.Jacobs lament
2-1.tomorrow and tomorrow
2-2.dream Pharaoh dream
2-3.dream Pharaoh dream reprise
2-4.famine came upon the land is they
2-6.Jacobs lament reprise
2-7.thou art the kindler
2-8.brothers all