Drylands (World Library FR-7711) 1978



Just when I thought they couldn’t get any smoother. Twelve more of Miffleton’s songs featuring Skipp Sanders’ rich croon, enriched by a buttload of strings and horns. From easy listening to praise/worship to loungy pop to jazzy moods to light rock. Al Martino, move over. Scary how this stuff can grow on you. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01 – Drylands
02 – With Glad Rejoicing
03 – Kindness
04 – Follow The Saving Voice of Yahweh
05 – Give Glory
06 – Let Us Rejoice
07 – We Are the People
08 – Canta Aleluya
09 – Song of Suffering and Praise
10 – I Reach Out To You, Lord
11 – Spirit of Love
12 – Come, Lord of Life