Canadian Rock Theater (Lion LN-1003) 1971



Big (not sure about the number of members; around 30?) group – complete with four-piece horn section, multi lead vocalists and a choirful of backup singers. Happy Christians Up-With-People-Chicago-Lighthouse-Lonesome Stone type – you get the idea. Some covers from Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell and a batvh of real catchy originals. Very professional secular release. Very nice vocals – jammy-jazzy interludes, smoking guitar leads and tight drum and bass sound. ‘Changing Day to Day’ really smokes!! – and then changes to a gentle layered vocal trip. Totally believable – bet they made the rounds to high school and city auditoriums and really enjoyed themselves while bringing God’s message to the world. Also contains ‘Save The People’, one of my all-time favorite Christian songs. They don’t write ’em like this anymore. BF (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




1.anthem (we the people)
2.simon zealotes
3.pilates dream
4.o bless the lord, my soul
5.changing day to day
6.sweet jesus the people
8.every living thing my side
10.sinner man
11. anthem (we the people)