Take The Time (Grapevine GRV 121) 1978 UK *


Pop-rock record from UK duo of Paul and Sharon Reid. Mostly mellow things with pop leanings, although ‘You’ve Heard It So Many Times’ rocks fairly strongly. Some folk/pop here, a country edge there, a disco groove for the title track. Mostly Sharon in the vocal spotlight, although we also hear from Paul now and then. Sharon’s vocals might take a little getting used to for some – when she hits those high notes she sounds uncannily like the Bee Gees in falsetto mode. Both provide acoustic guitars while Paul also handles piano. Other assistants include Mo Witham (electric guitar) and Sue McClellan and Pete Yates-Round (backing vocals). Acceptable, but not Grapevine’s best. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1You’re Alive2:35
1-2You’ve Heard It So Many Times4:20
1-5His Love Is The Highest4:02
2-1Take The Time3:22
2-2In Tune With The Son4:06
2-3You’re My Jesus2:35
2-4Praise Song3:49
2-5Feel The Spirit4:58