Harvest Rain (Joral JOR 7016) 1978



Whether Pat Cullen II is singing with only an acoustic guitar to back him, flowing along in a steady folkrock groove, or using a melancholy acoustic pop style, he consistently strikes a chord with his stirring melodies and moving songwriting. Calm soothing vocals backed by acoustic guitar, often with soft trickling piano accompaniment. Electric guitar in spots, even some cool Keaggy-ish volume pedal on ‘Follow After Life’. ‘The Noah Song’ is a nice moody ballad that changes gears to end on a solid upbeat rock note. Some moving stuff that definitely connects with me. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01 – Harvest Rain
02 – Follow After Love
03 – Dying You Destroyed Our Death
04 – What We Are Together
05 – Good Morning Jesus
06 – The Noah Song
07 – Lord I Give You
08 – Four Strong Winds
09 – Unless A Seed Falls
10 – When We Eat This Bread
11 – Happy Are They
12 – Lord Lord Didn’t We