Let Us Sing Unto The Lord (Nomenclature CPO-225L) 1976?


This album has a similar formula to the above – i.e., predominantly piano-backed choral numbers along with a handful of solo acoustic guitar performances. The Joni Mitchell-ish ‘Come To Me’ is an excellent acoustic track, as is the violin-backed ballad ‘Another Way’, both with attractive solo female vocals. Another fine acoustic number is ‘For Years’ where a female duo is featured. Actually the choral stuff isn’t too bad either, sometimes recalling J C Lord & Company. I count seventeen people in the back cover photo. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)



01 – Come, O Jesus
02 – Ye Followers Of The Lamb
03 – God Is Seen
04 – Another Way
05 – Psalm For The New World
06 – Amazing Grace
07 – Ain’t Got Time To Die
08 – Jubilate Deo
09 – For Years
10 – I Got A Key
11 – Reach Out To Jesus
12 – Come To Me
13 – O’Lord Increase My Faith
14 – Will The Circle Be Unbroken