People Get Together (Listen LP LF2002) 1973?



People Get Together is the group’s one album that stands way out above the rest. With more of a guitar focus than their other lps, the album should have greater appeal to the folk enthusiast. There’s some lovely dreamy wah-wah and phased guitar on ‘Happy Is The Man’ and ‘Father’. The latter also delivers a totally unexpected burst of loud gnarly fuzz guitar that makes you step back and go “woah!”. More dreamy shimmering moods can be found on the ballads ‘Lord Of Lords’ and the lightly orchestrated ‘How Excellent Is Thy Name’. A few pleasant easygoing folk tracks in the group’s friendly style. Still some pop/MOR moves (the brassy title track), as well as piano gospel (‘God Cares’) and praise (‘Psalm 150’). At its best the album recalls the depth and charm of Children Of The Day’s Where Else Would I Go. Nine of the ten songs were written by the band. Charming subtle flower-power looks to their front cover group photo. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01 – We Have Come Together
02 – Life And Joy
03 – Lord Of Lords
04 – People Get Together
05 – How Excellent Is Your Name
06 – There’s A Reason
07 – Father
08 – Somebody To Live For
09 – God Cares
10 – Happy Is The Man
11 – Psalm 150