To Fill His Skies (Tribute WLSM-28-SM) 1968?


The Joyful Revolution is a group of Catholics of male gender singing mostly in a unison solemn choral style. They’d probably be right at home doing Gregorian chants, but Brendan Doyle (guitar) and Gregory Breault (drums) were part of the folk movement, and when you combine those melancholy voices with the guitars, bass, and heavy folk or light Latin beat the end result is… well, interesting. Kind of glum (perhaps they should be called The Gloomy Revolution?) but I like it. Plus the image of a guy in a white robe behind a drum kit is rather striking. I should point out there’s some nice solo singing as well. Mostly adaptations of the Psalms. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Prayer For Peace 1:56
1-2Psalm 2: The Lord Said To Me 3:36
1-3Psalm 134: Praise To The Lord 2:49
1-4Two Or Three 3:18
1-5Happy The People 2:38
1-6Psalm 109: Yours Is Princely Power 2:30
1-7Psalm 95: Sing To The Lord 2:53
2-1Psalm 39: In The Written Scroll 2:23
2-2Lord, Have Mercy 1:07
2-3Glory To God 1:48
2-4Meditation Song 3:17
2-5Lord God 2:08
2-6Holy, Holy, Holy 0:57
2-7Lamb Of God 0:53
2-8Psalm 33: Taste And See 2:42
2-9Psalm 112: Praise, O Servant Of The Lord 1:30