Be Alive (Christian Dynamics C-7501-S) 1970


Singing priest and friends’ unbelievably low-tech folk recording. A few guitars, upright bass, some old guy on drums, flute, a few rather ordinary singers, one of whom is a 4-year old girl who also plays ukulele and melodica! She can belt it out, too – I was listening to this in the car, heard that voice and immediately thought “what on earth is that?!”. Sound quality is one notch above that of a hand-held recorder in an auditorium. Ridiculous right? Well, it’s obviously not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but the music flows and the rhythms are crisp and doggone if the thing didn’t grow on me. No kidding, I haven’t found an album this homegrown since The Wauhob Family’s Country Style Revival. It’s the sincerity that makes it work. Covers of Ray Repp, Carey Landry, Jack Miffleton, Tom Parker, a couple originals, ‘Little Green Apples’, others. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



1-1.god made this land
1-2.crooked lil man
1-3.the carpenter
1-4.hear o lord
1-5.kum ba ya
1-6.a man
1-7.hallowed be thy name alive
2-1.i wonder why
2-2.welcome to join in the banquet of love
2-3.lord make us ready
2-5.Christians by our love
2-6.spirit is a movin
2-7.little green apples
2-8.when I’m gone
2-9.till all my people are one