The American Folk Song Mass (FEL 7401-M) 1967




This is a later recording of Mitchell’s anceint American Folk-Song Mass, with text altered to reflect the Roman Catholic liutugy. Unlike the original version which to me seemed more choral and classical rather than folk, this one sticks to guitars, bass, banjo and only two vocalist: Ian and his wife Caroline. Of the latter the cover notes state “the lyrical quality of her voice has been likened to that of Joan Baez.” Alsao includes songs from Mitchell’s Hymnal For Young Christians. A few bluegrass/country flourishes. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Per the The Archivist entry above this it states that Ian is an Anglican priest.





01 – Introduction To The Mass
02 – Lord, Have Mery Upon Us
03 – Introduction to The Nicene Creed
04 – I Believe In One God
05 – The Elements Of The Eucharist
06 – Lift Up Your Hearts – Holy, Holy, Holy
07 – The Lord’s Prayer
08 – The Priesthood of Christ
09 – O Lamb of God
10 – The Communion
11 – Glory Be To God On High
12 – The Close
13 – Jerusalem My Happy Home
14 – Alleluia Sing To Jesus
15 – A Home In That Rock
16 – Scarlet Ribbons