To Thee, O Lord (Boyd BRC 1119) 1970?


Lutheran Youth Encounter ensemble doing mostly straightforward nondescript guitar folk with bland unison male/female vocals. Three selections trim the group down to just a few performers, and their songs are actually quite charming. That would include the title track, ‘Good Samaritan’ and ‘Thanks Be To God’. The rest of the record (including a number of Ray Repp covers) doesn’t really float my boat. From Minneapolis. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01 – You Can Tell The World
02 – I Am The Resurrection
03 – To the O’Lord
04 – We Are One In The Spirit
05 – Calvary
06 – Come With Me
07 – Good Samaritan
08 – Hear Oh Lord
09 – Thanks Be To God
10 – To Be Alive
11 – Peace