The Song Still Carries On (EM LPS 1904) 1979



Ed Anderson - Song (Fnt)




A respectable album that finds Ed trying out more rock material than in the past. The opening ‘The Wind’ is a good example with its solemn prog-edged jazz-rock groove and use of electric guitar and synthesizer. ‘Cause For Celebration’ is an fun one that shifts between gritty Barry McGuire boogie rock (with heavy guitar riff) and doo-woppy bobby-socks segments. More jazz angles can be found within the smooth ‘You Are A Doctor?’ and the funk-grooved ‘Elijah’. Pleasant melodic soft-rock moods can be found in ‘Summer Rain’, ‘The Nine Questions (Plus Two)’ and ‘Irma’, the latter with nice Keaggy-like volume pedal. Also some ballads highlighting either acoustic guitar or piano. Best of the Ed albums I’d say. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Ed Anderson - Song (Bck)



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1-1.the wind
1-3.cause for celebration
1-5.three in one
2-2.reach out
2-3.summer rain are a doctor
2-5.the nine questions-plus two