A Song Is A Gentle Thing (TeleKETICS 9154) 1976


Continuing her “music therapy” with a mellow adult contemporary sound, usually led by electric piano or piano. Several of the songs have a light country air, sometimes with harmonica and steel guitar as on ‘Your Favorite Songs’, ‘I Lost The One Who Loved Me’, ‘A Rainbow From You’ and ‘Who Will Listen’, the latter relating the frustrations of an elderly man who’s stories no longer seem relevant to listeners. ‘Before It’s Too Late’ is dedicated to those who are too busy to say “I love you”, while ‘You’re Only A Memory Away’ is inspired by close friends of Deanna. Small Catholic label that also released albums by The Dameans and Sebastian Temple. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01-01 – A Song Is A Gentle Thing
01-02 – Before It’s Too Late
01-03 – Your Favorite Songs
01-04 – Shanti Nilaya (Home of Peace)
01-05 – Who Will Listen
02-01 – Why Can’t We
02-02 – I Lost The One Who Loved Me
02-03 – You’re Only A Memory Away
02-04 – A Rainbow From You
02-05 – Walk In The World