Music, Laughter & Tears (Sounds Of Hope/Epoch Universal DE-78) 1978



Good night, she’s even mellower than before. Ten more of Deanna’s songs in a rich string-orchestrated adult contemporary format, inspired by such topics as an autistic boy (‘Son-Rise’), her mother (‘My Mother’s Hands’), nature (‘All The Love In The World Is You’), and a mother’s memory of her deceased child (‘Playclothes’). Produced by Erich Sylvester. Foldout cover. The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01-01 – Son-Rise
01-02 – Just Around The Corner
01-03 – My Road
01-04 – All The Love
01-05 – Don’t Be Afraid
02-01 – Keep Me Warm
02-02 – Music Laughter and Tears
02-03 – My Mother’s Hands
02-04 – Playcloths
02-05 – Live Each Day