I Am Yours Today (Encore E-424) 1979


This is an early custom project from a gentleman who later became a prominent artist in the Catholic music scene with several ’80’s albums on the GIA label. Haas follows the melodic acoustic style of artist like the St. Louis Jesuits with excellent results – very pretty and worshipful with just the right mix of guitars, piano, flute and vocal ensemble. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01 – He Is The Lord
02 – You Are My Rock
03 – Fill Us With Your Word
04 – We Remember Your Death
05 – Amen
06 – The Lord Is My Hope
07 – I Am Yours Today
08 – Jesus, Come To Us
09 – Rise, O Yehweh
10 – Alleluia
11 – My Lord and My God
12 – Praise The Lord