Truth Is Fallen (Atlantic SD 1606) 1972




Dave Brubeck - Truth (In Lft)


Jazz pianist Dave Brubeck of ‘Take Five’ fame composed this very modern and innovative cantata that blends elements of avant garde, classical, rock and of course jazz. Participants include the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, soprano Charlene Peterson, rock outfit New Heavenly Blue, and Brubeck on piano. Often a very dissonant harsh tone that conjures up images of Carmina Burana and the 2001 soundtrack. The rock angle is pretty intense when it surfaces. Draws inspiration from passages in Isaiah and Jeremiah. Can be a difficult listening experience but it certainly is creative. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


Dave Brubeck - Truth (In Rt)




Dave Brubeck - Truth (Bck)



Thank you Donald for the inside gate-fold and rear cover photos.



1-1.Band 1-prelude & merciful men are taken away 2-truth is fallen 1-oh that my head were waters & speak out(i called and no one answered) 2-yea truth faileth & truth(planets are spinning) 3-is the lord’s hand shortened&arise!