On The Road To The Kingdom (ULT-76001) 1976



Another excellent entry in the field of original male/female Catholic folk music. All the songs were written by Pat Leyko, whom I’m assuming is the female we hear singing lead on most of the tracks. While some of her melodies are bright and upbeat, most of them either have a solemn presence or seem touched with a twinge of sadness, including such beautiful stirring tracks as ‘You Are The Joy Of Jesus’, ‘You’re Always At Home’, ‘Be Still’, ‘Jesus I Am Yours’ and ‘To Be Alive’. Nice ethereal spoken-word-over-guitar mood to ‘On The Road To The Kingdom’. Primarily backed by acoustic guitar, from Pat and two others. Other instruments making appearances include bass, piano, harmonica, drums and vibes, plus trumpet on one song. One other guy sharing lead vocals, plus eleven backup singers on some of the songs. A couple Guitar Ensemble impressions on the short liturgical refrains. Local press from a community of the same name in Lafayette, New Jersey. See also Chanticleer. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



1-1.listen and hear
1-2.you are the joy of jesus
1-3.holy holy lord
1-4.you’re always at home
1-5.christ has died 1
1-6.great amen
1-7.come lord
1-8.on the road to the kingdom
2-1.the kingdom of jesus
2-2.hosanna in the highest
2-3.be still
2-5.jesus I am yours
2-6.to be alive